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nTrade - Smart AI Intelligent Trading Platform

Giving best price improvement across multiple exchanges

Why choose nTrade?


Price Visibility

You get to make better decisions as we will provide you access to true price transparency - before and after - every trade.

Omni Channel
Multiple Exchanges

We simplify and aggregate from many Decentralised Financial (DeFi) exchanges providers on a single, consistent platform the best possible prices for your trade.

Regulated with
Custodian Account

We are a Licensed Entity with Labuan Financial Services Authority. We use Prime Trust as independent, qualified custodian as trusted provider of your fund

Price Improvements

Our SMART Routing Intelligence leveraging multiple exchanges & 10,000 trading pairs to gives the best price.

Automation with
API Availability

Execution of trades from your client can be automated 24/7. No more risk or manual intervention.

International Prepaid &
Credit Card

Transfer and spend your hard earned crypto into your credit card for spending anywhere in the world.

Introduction to nTrade

xPider helps you to manage your team remotely!

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Manage orders at your fingertips.

Use your PCs or smartphones to manage everything.


Order queries execution in seconds over multiple exchanges.

With our API integration to your platform.

No more multiple funding required on multiple exchanges.

How nTrade Works

Our Unique DeFi Aggregation

Your order – buy or sell - through nTrade is dynamically routed to top DeFi exchanges in the world to get the best prices every time you execute an order. Multiple queries, multiple pairings, multiple paths – all dynamically created on the fly, every time, to get you the best possible prices - buy or sell - in the world.


nTrade Advantages

icon Regulated & Jurisdiction
icon High Security & Trust
icon Improves Trading Success

Regulated & Jurisdiction

Neurogine is accepted & approved by Labuan FSA. Neurogine's nTrade platform operates in the jurisdiction of Labuan International Business and Financiasl Centre. We adapts AML/CFT framework as per regulator strict requirements.


Offers Higher Security & Trust

  • 2 Factor Authentication
    nTrade users retain sole access to their accounts and no private keys are stored/used with nTrade. nTrade uses two factor Authentication and ensures credentials are encrypted and secured.

  • Cold Storage
    nTrade users can enjoy another ADVANTAGE i.e. hold their assets, off the exchange (cold storage) at no additional charge, via our qualified trust partner, Prime Trust LLC.


Improves Trading Success

  • 100% Built-In Redundancy
    nTrade's inherent intelligence will route trade orders to open exchanges to extract the best pricing even if the execution - for whatever reason - goes offline. This is an immensely valuable ADVANTAGE to nTrade users.

Our Customers

Millions of people around the world have already made nTrade the place where their dream happens.

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We already have multiple corporate clients in USA which operates Crypto ATM, trading aggregator platforms, automated trading bot platforms are using us, as it resolves their current pain points.

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